Happy Birthday Gee! (and memories of last year)

Yesterday was Gee’s birthday! All the girls and Ethan celebrated in the afternoon with a little lunch and lounging by the pool. Then the whole family went to dinner at Parker’s Lighthouse. The kids did so great! No crying fits and minimal food throwing. It was a great way to celebrate Gee’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!!





On another note…today I was telling a friend, Mrs. Erica (shout out), about celebrating my mom’s big day and she reminded me of what was happening last year at my mom’ s birthday celebration. I was hugely pregnant. To the point where it wasn’t funny anymore and I was extremely uncomfortable. My face was fat, I couldn’t fit between the chairs at the restaurant, my feet were swollen to ungodly proportions, and I was peeing every 5 minutes. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and I think everyone that was there thought so also. I just didn’t expect the little guy to pop out only 5 days later. Oh the memories…thanks for the reminder Mrs. Erica!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Gee! (and memories of last year)

  1. Word! thanks for the shout out! It was much appriciated, I laughed out loud. The pics are adorable as always, it looked like a fun dinner! (with a cherry on top)

  2. I love these pictures!! I had a wonderful birthday and thought it was so much fun to celebrate with everybody…even the littles!!! 🙂 (I believe that was their first fine dining experience!!)

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