What the heck…Zucchini?

I’m convinced Ethan is not a normal kid. Tonight he ate zucchini. He even ate it before his meatball, which he usually devours before anything else. He won’t eat a quesadilla, mac n cheese, or pancakes…but he’ll eat zucchini?



3 responses to “What the heck…Zucchini?

  1. atleast i can see how he’s grown on the blog:) i won’t be coming down this summer-liz and fam are here for an extended time-and since i was there in june, gary even longer-we’ll wait for the holidays…won’t be THAT long!! we’re having the time of our lives with lucas-he LOVES our big retriever ‘gunny’ named after brother jack:) lucas rides him like a horse…he looks like jack’s ‘precious’ only pure black like the lab in him. okay, bye for now. love ya-kisses to all. xxx

  2. omg…this is the cutest pix ever 😉
    i want to kiss his little face!!!!

  3. Your exactly right, he is not normal, he is way cooler then the average kid..Go lil veggie eater!

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