Goodbye Old Bathroom

Recently Brett and I have decided to make some minor and major changes to our house over the next couple of months and I’m really excited about what we’re doing. So I’ve decided that I’m going to share the experiences with whoever out there is reading this. I’ve learned from watching my parents, and the minor things we have done in the past, that nothing goes as planned and something always goes wrong. So this could be really interesting.

Tomorrow we’re starting off with the biggest project we have planned. Our kid/guest bathroom is getting gutted in the morning, I’m a little nervous but excited all at once. The only thing left will be the tub and the color of the walls. The rest is going, going, gone. This is what the bathroom looks like tonight…





Now don’t get me wrong…the bathroom is not unlivable, but these are my reasons for not liking it…

1. The grout is a horrible grey color that was never done properly and it looks like mold is growing on it. No matter how hard I try it looks dirty and makes me want to gag!

2. The tile is shiny white. Who in there right mind would put shiny white tile in a bathroom? It always looks streaky and you can see every water spot that lands on it. Who on earth could keep that clean with an 11 month old?

3. We have old galvanized pipes. When they aren’t used for a couple of days the water turns a murky brownish color. I really don’t like giving Ethan a bath in murky water.

4. The tub drain doesn’t work and makes a really scary monster noise when the water is leaking out. Ask Abby…she was terrified!

5. When the water for the tub is on, water trickels out of the shower head. Ethan recently discovered this while sticking his hand under the running water and thought I was dumping water on his head. I don’t like when he gives me dirty looks.


6. I could go on but I will stop with this one last one…the toilet doesn’t flush well. Who likes standing there and waiting for everything to go down and then having to do it all over again to make sure it all went down the 2nd time? I don’t like to.

I love our red walls (Brett’s idea when we first moved in) and the black and white we already had in there. So we’re sticking with the same color scheme but just upgrading it all.  Here’s a little preview of what you’ll see in the end, our sample tile…


So let the home renovations begin!!

***On a side note, the 4th of July was great and I’ve got pictures coming soon***


One response to “Goodbye Old Bathroom

  1. Hooray! I cant wait to see the results!

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