Summer’s Here!

Summer weather finally decided to arrive this weekend so it was time to break out the shorts and wife beaters…


We did some major relaxing outside on the porch…


And lots of staying up too late and acting like a loon…


We had a great weekend and got some much needed things accomplished. Ethan’s 1st birthday planning is in full swing, the yard needed some major work so Brett did that while I got my nails done (hahahaha!), and we’re getting ready to start our first major renovation on the house since we’ve lived in it…gutting the bathroom plus recessed lighting in the living room and kitchen. I’m a little nervous about the mess but I know it will be worth it in the end. And we’re getting ready to head off to the River for the 4th! It should be a hectic exciting week!


2 responses to “Summer’s Here!

  1. this boy is tooo cute!! i’m having so much fun with him…thanks for letting me watch him 😉

  2. noodleanddoodles

    I love that you watch him!! So don’t thank me….Thank you!!!

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