11 Months Old

Today the little noodle is 11 months old and I can’t believe we will be celebrating his 1st birthday in just one month. He’s been really busy this past month and is becoming smarter by the day. He’s learned to stand up to just about anything with no problems, he has started to take a few steps while holding on for dear life, his gibberish vocabulary is growing everyday, he points at everything, waves goodbye (most of the time), blows kisses (not so often), crawls at lightening speed, usually has to have a toy in his hand at all times…which includes while he is trying to stand and crawl, is starting to throw little tantrums (so much fun for me, especially when he tries to bite), and just last night started playing peek a boo with his blankie. It’s been a really fun month with him and I’m so excited about the month ahead.

Apparently he too is excited he’s 11 months old today!

11 months old


One response to “11 Months Old

  1. I audibly gasped when I just scrolled down to this photo. It’s the GREATEST.

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