Karate Pants

Yesterday when we were in Huntington I stopped in American Apparel and had to buy Ethan this outfit. He needed some new lounge wear and these “karate pants” and “wife beater” were too cute. The hat just made the outfit. Oh, and by the way, his new obsession is to stand at this window that looks into our backyard and yell out of it. I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled.

karate pants

On a side note…I was in the kitchen doing dishes and all of the sudden it got really quite in the living room and I thought for sure Ethan was into something he shouldn’t be into. Well when I turned the corner this is what I saw…


Don’t be fooled, he usually is getting into something he shouldn’t be, but at this moment he was reading so nicely by himself. I love this kiddo!


2 responses to “Karate Pants

  1. Is it even possible for him to get cuter and cuter? I thought it was not, but I guess I have been proven wrong.

  2. Hello…love the tat!!! 🙂

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