Our First River Trip of the Summer!!

Our first trip to the River this year was awesome! We had such a great time hanging out and spending time together as a family. We really needed to get away and just do nothing. For whatever reason Brett and I had been driving each other crazy the last couple of weeks and we needed the nice break to get back in the groove of things.

Ethan did a great job with the ride for the most part, but we did have to stop along the side of the road for a minute just so he could get some fresh air…DSC_0008

Ethan’s first day in the sand was great and he learned how yummy sand tastes.

"Who me...I wasn't eating sand!"

Later that day we heated up his little pool and let him play in it…as you can tell he loved it!





We also took Ethan for a ride in Gee’s Rhino (that’s right, it’s hers, not my dads) and he loved it!! He kept sticking his tounge out and waving his hands in the air. He was so happy to go for a ride!




Of course you can’t go to the River without stopping at Roadrunner for some food and drinks. I just think Ethan’s a little too young to start with the Roadrapers…


And here are just a few favorites from the weekend…

DSC_0079crazy mohawk!

DSC_0097My Handsome Fellas!

DSC_0091Chilling on the balcony, watching the sunset.

And drumroll please….my favorite picture of the weekend, his new favorite face!! Plus the trunks are just too rad!!


So as you can see, I’ll say it again, we had a wonderful weekend. We had so much fun on Saturday and were so relaxed we decided to stay a little later than planned on Sunday, which means we missed the Lakers game. And for those of you who know Brett, that is HUGE!


2 responses to “Our First River Trip of the Summer!!

  1. The happiest lil baby that crawled the eaRth!

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