River Love!!

We’re leaving for the River today and I’m so excited! It really is one of my favorite places on earth. I LOVE the hotness, the water, laying out and burning myself, reading a book on the beach, and basically doing nothing. It’s been so long since I’ve been in hot River weather and I can’t wait! Last year we didn’t go since I was hugely pregnant with Ethan, and I really didn’t want to give birth in Parker Arizona. So we’re off today…the car is packed and Ethan and I are just waiting for Brett to get home from work so we can hit the road. We will only be gone until Sunday, but there’s nothing like a trip to the River to get the summer started. I just wish the weather here would turn around. Anyway, I hope to get tons fabulous pictures of the little noodle in all his River glory. I’ll share as soon as I get back!


One response to “River Love!!

  1. may i please have that pix of jimbo? i have his Christmas card framed on my desk at work, and i think the hohoho message needs to be changed:) thx. aunt libby xxx

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