Pancakes and Honeydew

So I’m a terrible mother and I finally made Ethan pancakes for the first time Sunday morning. I guess I’ve just been too lazy to make them, plus Ethan likes to eat pretty much as soon as he wakes up so it’s just easier to do cheerios, bananas and yogurt. But I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway since he didn’t even like them. What? What kid doesn’t like PANCAKES! At least he loves the honeydew melon. I swear he could eat it until he pops!

pancakes and honeydew


2 responses to “Pancakes and Honeydew

  1. Maybe he secretly likes them, but just wants to cut you a break so you don’t have to go through all the work of making them? Or maybe he just does not dig em 🙂

  2. You’re right…who ever heard of a kid that doesn’t like pancakes?? Wait…what?? I hate pancakes and have since I was a kid!!! Oh goody he takes after his Gee!! 🙂

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