My Weird Kid is 10 Months Old!

I can’t believe Ethan is 10 months old today…time is flying by. This past month has gone so quickly and he has learned so much. It’s amazing how much he changes and develops in just a month. He’s talking up a storm, pulling himself up to everything (just to his knees), and he has a new front tooth coming in. He’s also made the change from taking a bath in the baby tub to the big tub and of course makes a huge splashing mess.

So the reason I say “my weird kid” is due to the little quirks that make him hilarious. I think every kid is weird and funny, and Ethan’s weirdness is starting to show a little more each day. For instance, he’s totally freaked out by regular stuff. Like the monster truck at Gee’s house, the squishy ball, and the little chicky toy that bounces. We constantly make him play with these things just to see his face. Is that mean? This is the best picture I could get…it’s probably funnier in person.

squishy ball

And he loves to squish his face up to the glass on the back door to watch Brett in the backyard, but in the last week he’s decided to try to bite the glass. It’s making for some really funny faces.

funny face

I just hope more of this funny weirdness keeps coming out of this little guy. It makes for some good laughs!


One response to “My Weird Kid is 10 Months Old!

  1. I love this WEIRD lil’ noodle!!!

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