My Favorites Week 3

The past week was pretty busy so I didn’t get the chance to take as many photos as I would have liked, but there were a few that I loved.

My family game over Tuesday night for game 5 of the Lakers playoffs and of course Ethan and Brett had to sport their gear. (Thanks to Aunt Emily Ethan has a snazzy little Laker outfit.)

laker buddies

Ethan’s been doing a lot more pulling up, he’s doing really well with getting to his knees but pulling up to his feet is still a little trouble. And then of course getting down is also a little tough. He’s not too sure of himself yet…


Another fun trick Ethan has discovered is how to get his fingers way up his nose.He’s been doing this for a while but lately he just can’t get enough of it.

nose picker

This last picture definitely wins as my favorite for the week…

smiling favorite


One response to “My Favorites Week 3

  1. cupcakecarnival

    Oh no, that top picture should be framed and put out at every game!

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