My Favorites Week #2

I wanted to have more time this week and post some of these pictures, but I didn’t, so I’m just going to lump them all into one.

The weather this week was extremely nice so we took advantage of it and after work did some bbqing and hung out in the backyard. He’s such a happy guy when we’re outside.

favorite #3

favorite #2

One of Ethan’s favorite things are books. Half the time he’ll go for books over his toys and he is starting to like for us to read to him. Brett was reading him a story before bed the other night. He really listens!

favorite #4

He’s discovered a couple of new things around the house. First he now knows how to get stuck underneath the dining room table. He follows Kalli under there and then can’t figure out how to turn around.

favorite #1

And lastly, he has discovered the tupperware cabinet. Which is now making my life all the better. I can cook dinner and he’s occupied, Yippy! It’s just not too fun when he slams his fingers in the drawers.

favorite #5

Just another awesome week!!


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